The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)


The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)  is the most recognized standard certification for computer using skills that is recognized internationally.

The ECDL is used in 150 countries  and recognized by reputable companies, government or educational institutions. Outside of Europe, the program is called International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL).



ECDL obtained in Romania is valid in any of the 150 countries around the world in which it is recognized.

The ECDL has no expiration date, your digital competences are certified for life, in accordance with the syllabi for each module that were active during the time the exam was taken.


Who can take the ECDL?

ECDL is addressed to any person who needs and wants to certify his computer using skills with an internationally recognized certificate.

There is no age limit for enrollment in the ECDL program.

Young people, pupils, students, civil servants  or employees in IT companies can prove their skills through the ECDL certification.

The advantages of having the ECDL

The ECDL opens new opportunities to get a better job, improve prospects  for career advancement and you’re less likely to lose a job offer.

·The ECDL opens new opportunities to get  a scholarship abroad.

·Students can equate the ECDL into various computer courses or office courses within certain universities.

·Highschool students who have ECDL can sample the digital equivalent of the National exams.

The syllabus for the ECDL  is the same as the one the students use during TIC courses from the IX-th to X-th grade syllabus. Thus, highschool studends can prepare for it even during school classes. You can equate the ECDL to the digital competance section of your Bacalaureat exam.


You can join the ECDL program at any time by going to and completing the registration form and then purchasing a single Series ECDL registration.


Duration of obtaining certification

Period of obtaining ECDL certification depends on the choice of the level of competence of each candidate and the need to follow or not to support these exams courses.

Candidates are not required to attend a training course before you enroll in the program and the ECDL exams.